It’s Ok

“I am where I am and it’s ok.” – Abraham-Hicks


I got home from work the other day and was in a little bit of a tiz because some things aren’t getting resolved as quickly as I think they should. It was a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon so I decided to take a walk. I thought if I relaxed and focused on my breath and enjoying the gorgeous fall colors, it might help. As I was walking, this quote kept running through my mind – “I am where I am and it’s ok,” As it kept repeating, I started to calm down. And, I realized again, I can’t be anywhere other than where I am right now so I might as well accept it. To struggle against it just gets me in more of a tiz and creates resistance that could potentially block what I want. So, I relaxed even more and enjoyed the beauty of the present moment which I would have missed otherwise.

Later, I realized the tiz was really about being impatient, so I could also use my phrase from my previous post, Resistance, “I accept that I am feeling impatient and that’s ok”. Resistance comes in so many forms but the key seems to be to release it so we can allow what we really want into our lives.

What do you think?

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