Heart Breathing Meditation

I know meditation is mentioned in a lot of my posts but today I want to talk about a specific type of meditation – Heart Breathing Meditation. It is a very simple technique that can be done anytime and anywhere. In fact, I did it for a minute as I was starting this post because I was feeling frustrated about some IT stuff and wanted to calm down. I have tried a variety of different meditations – guided, music, counting breaths, focusing on something specific and I hate to admit, I haven’t stuck with them faithfully.

For the Heart Breathing Meditation, you simply get into a comfortable position and breathe deeply, imagining that you are breathing in through your heart and out through your heart. I am doing this about 15 minutes before bed and anytime during the day when I need to relax and refocus. It is a very simple act, but very calming. I find that it pretty quickly helps me feel more centered. I usually get this warm sensation in my chest that then spreads through my body. I know one of the obstacles to meditating is the constant chatter in. our minds. More than once, in the past, I have stopped meditating because I just couldn’t quiet that voice in my head. With this technique, as I breathe from my heart, I am able to focus more fully on that sensation. I have found that there still may be some mental chatter from the voice in my head, but it fades as I focus on the sensation in my chest. It is that feeling that matters, and I am somehow able to ignore the chatter even if it doesn’t completely stop.

I encourage you to give this simple Heart Breathing Meditation a try. If you haven’t done it before, it may be helpful at first to put your right hand over your heart to stay focused. If you are interested in finding out more about this technique and some other amazing info about your heart, I encourage you to check out HeartMath.org – it’s an amazing site. And, as always, let me know what you think!

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