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Hi I’m Pam

ABOUT ME – A Woman Over 60

I have been passionate about personal and spiritual growth since I was a child (although I wouldn’t have called it that at the time.) I remember in 8th grade having an assignment to research careers I might be interested in. It was then that I discovered Social Work. That led me to an MSW and being a therapist for 25 years, a training supervisor for 4 years and a health coach for 5 years. I am also certified as a life coach.

I continue to be fascinated with the workings of the mind and this magnificent Universe that we live in. Although I wouldn’t have always been able to describe it this way, my mission has always been to find a deeper, closer connection with Source Energy and the Universe (or God, if you prefer.)

With all the advancements in Science and Quantum Physics, a whole new world is opening up. Understanding we are all energy and as a result, all One, gives everything a whole new perspective and purpose. So, isn’t the”goal” to release the resistance we’ve accumulated in this life so we can live more in alignment with the Divine? Resistance comes in many forms, but at the heart of it is always a negative emotion. I hope to share helpful suggestions to release those negative emotions and move toward greater alignment.

As I’ve learned and grown through all the stages of life until now, my perspectives have changed and my beliefs matured. I believe this stage of life can be as full of promise and purpose as all the rest. Now, as a woman over 60, I seek to learn and grow through this stage of life and hopefully, possibly, through my writing, to spark something in you that will help you to do the same.

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